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I'm always looking for sneakers that go well with slacks.
One day, as I was searching for such sneakers as usual, about three years ago, while I was staying at the Ace Hotel in Kyoto, I came across Last Resort AB while wandering around Bonjour Records, which was in the same building.
The elegant form and leather lining were the best parts. The silhouette goes perfectly with slacks.
I remember that they were comfortable to wear when walking around the city, and their elegant atmosphere made my trip to Kyoto even more enjoyable.

I tried them on myself and they were so comfortable that they quickly became my favorite.
The cute graphics on the heel patch give them a casual, stylish look that only adults can have.
I bought it without knowing anything about Last Resort AB's background, but I intuitively knew it would suit my style.
It's no surprise that they're comfortable to wear, since they're shoes made for skaters.
It has excellent cushioning and is very comfortable to wear, despite its classic look.

When I made the Oblada officer pants, I wanted to match them, so I decided to buy Last Resort AB at CINCH STORE as well.
We recommend buying a half size larger.

I love VANS skate shoes and they are a staple in my wardrobe, but the Last Resort AB has become my new staple.
It looks super cute on women when worn with slacks, so if you haven't tried it yet, be sure to give it a try!

Shintaro Someya

Last Resort AB is a Swedish skate shoe brand that was launched in 2020.
is an independent brand started by art director Sami Tolppi and Pontus Alv of Polar Skate Co., with their friends Daniel and Mike as partners.
The attention to detail that is the spirit of Last Resort AB is incorporated throughout the entire process, including thorough testing and development, and their unique stance that goes against the major shoe brand manufacturers has earned them the trust of core skate fans.


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