FEATHER COAT ~羽のように軽く〜

FEATHER COAT ~As light as a feather~

I would like to write about the Oblada feather coat that will be released on February 3rd!

First, February is extremely cold.

However, after mid-February, for some reason, I feel like I want to wear a lighter coat than a wool coat.

But it's too cold in the spring coat.

The design of this coat started from a very primitive feeling of wanting to make a warm coat that can be worn until spring.

as a design element


・Warm things

・Can be worn for a long time (universal design)

・High-quality and precious items that you would want to wear yourself

With this in mind, we start by looking for materials.

Naturally, good fabrics are expensive.

I try to adopt things that I think are good to touch.

Use what you feel is intuitive.

It is my belief that I absolutely do not want to give up after hearing the price.

I'm the type who wants to take a blow from the fabric store head-on (laughs)

That's why I can recommend you a lively fabric.

I searched for the fabric in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture around summer.

The meeting with the fabric store was also boiled down, so I drove to the sea to get some fresh air.

While looking at the sea, I thought about what kind of coat I should wear with a soft serve ice cream.

Fabric shopkeeper: "Mr. Shintaro, what do you think this padding is made of?"

I said, "Wow, it's so soft! It's really cool!"

Fabric shop "This is 100% silk batting"

I "Seriously! I want to use this!"

Fabric shop ``It is still used only in a certain Italian maison.''

(A certain maison in Italy is famous for its loafers.)

I said, "The best! Recruitment! Let's make this!"

100% silk filling, how precious!

The best material to use in invisible parts.

Light, warm, and precious.

The outer material is black cotton and nylon!

The design is a universal stainless collar, and the width of the body and sleeves are relaxed so that you can wear a bulky knit or a champion sweatshirt underneath.

Anyway, it is named a feather coat because it is light like a feather!

Black is the best to wear in spring.

A generous silhouette that contains air is attractive.

Not only pants style, but also a skirt is OK

Finished in a coat that I can highly recommend!

Available at CINCH STORE and WEB STORE from 12:00 on Friday, February 3rd!

looking forward to!

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