POSTMAN SHIRT ~糸から染めて織り力強く縫う〜

POSTMAN SHIRT ~Dyed from thread and sewed strongly~

In March, there is an exhibition of Oblada-23FW, and it is passing at the speed of sound!

It's a very private matter, but I was fasting during this busy time. I spent about 10 days of 7 days of fasting (only enzyme drinks) and 3 to 4 days of recovery food. I did it for three days in January, so the second time was milder and less painful.

I feel like I was able to spend the busy period with the best concentration.

There is a feeling that the inside of the body can be detoxified, and it is refreshing anyway.

It was March when I found my own way of conditioning: fasting, walking and sauna.

I like the sauna as it seems to suit me. I'm still addicted to finding my favorite towel. I will write this again.

(This is just the method that suits me, so please don't overdo it.)

The Oblada exhibition that I went to in March.

Thanks to all of you, we were able to increase the depth of the collection with more items for the third season in the coming fall and winter.

I'm so excited to receive so many orders from everyone!

Please look forward to autumn!

And I can't help but be fascinated by autumn!

We are still waiting for our special items this spring.

Oblada's postman shirt was released on Friday, March 24th.

About this shirt today.

This shirt is based on a vintage shirt.

The first thing that surprised me when I touched the vintage shirt was the quality of the fabric.

According to the vintage shop, it is made of Sea Island cotton. A touch that makes sense.

I bought a vintage shirt because I wanted to make a shirt like this.

From there, I unraveled various things and decided to update and make it modern.

First you have to make the dough.

It is dyed blue with the original color of extra-long cotton and woven with off-white thread. This blue looks plain from a distance, but if you look closely, it has a fine pattern called "brush eyes".

The woven fabric is indescribable, it is soft even though it is well woven, and it has the best finish with firm elasticity.

In terms of cooking, we got the best ingredients.

How you cook is important.

I've wanted to try it for a long time, "a shirt that doesn't sew on a shirt shop's sewing machine"!

I asked them to strongly sew it with a powerful sewing machine that specializes in military items.

The end result was stunning! It's the moment when what I wanted to make like this took shape.

White is a great finish!

In this way, it takes time, but by carefully making each item, I would like to deliver something that will be active in your wardrobe for a long time.

You can wear it by itself in spring, or layer it with a knit in autumn.

I would be happy if you could get it!

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