SMALL DETAIL 〜小さなこだわり〜

SMALL DETAIL ~small commitment~

Oblada's spring 2023 is making various items in black.

Among them, one item of fine commitment.

First of all, Shaka Shaka athletic pants.

It's hard to see, but Oblada is embroidered near the pocket in the same color.

And although it is the same color, the side and hem are switched.

And the number 1 commitment is in the selection of the factory, which is not visible to the eye.

We asked a factory that specializes in denim and military items to sew this fabric instead of a factory that usually specializes in sewing thin items like this. As a result, it was completed with a moderate puckering and a finish that is not too beautiful.

Even if the fabric, pattern, and design are all the same, my point is to select the factory with an image of the finished product in mind.

So, the Shaka Shaka pants with a very satisfying finish have been completed.

This season is only black, but I would like to make another color in the future.

As an aside, as for the feet, sneakers are of course cute, but Larx's wallaby is also cute!

Well, next is the Ringer T-shirt!

It's a little hard to see because of the pearl necklace, but the neck part of this gray T-shirt has a black switch.

Known as "Ringer TEE"

This ringer TEE is an item that tends to be childish.

After thinking about why it would look childish, I decided to eliminate the sleeve ring switching and switch only the neck part.

If you just change the neck, you can get the feeling of old clothes properly, but the overall impression will not be childish. It's a small thing, but I realized that subtraction, not addition, makes the design prettier.

Like this, it's smooth and hard to understand at first glance! ?

I would like to send out my own picky points!

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