Think Deeply 〜洋服を作る上で大切にしていること〜

Think Deeply ~What I value in making clothes~

Today I would like to write about "what I value in making clothes".

Under the influence of my respected senior, I came to like interiors very much. There was a time when I was obsessed with exploring vintage furniture.

What is that charm? I like cars and cameras, but I like interiors and furniture even more. I think that people who are addicted to it are nodding deeply.

Vintage furniture is created with a lot of thought and time, so the beauty of it will continue to improve over time.

When creating a shop, we believe that vintage furniture can create a warm and comfortable space.

I searched online, went to see the real thing, and wondered, "Is it really that big?" was doing.

The beauty of vintage furniture is more appealing to its utility than its appearance. It was an era when designers and famous workshops teamed up to create something truly good.

I came to think that clothes should also be made with this kind of thinking.

Our Oblada clothes are made with the hearts of the people involved, such as fabric shops, sewing factories, processing factories, and pattern makers.

Many people are involved in making one thing. That's why I myself, who is the starting point, thinks carefully and thinks through to create something that is really needed. Inspiration and ideas are important, but I think thoroughly about whether the efforts of the people involved will bear fruit. We have confidence in the finished clothes.

Well, the introduction has become very long!

New spring items made with such thoughts will be lined up in the store and web store from today.

First of all, about the border, which is also a staple of the wardrobe.

Thinking about how to make a border that looks like it's already exhausted a fresh one, it might be a good idea to try making it with just straight lines and basting it in a T-shaped pattern! I arrived at this shape.

And we use fabrics that use high-quality and durable threads so that they can be washed over and over again.

What you like in your wardrobe is what you want to wear and wash over and over again.

It is the first place to want you to wear it with all one's might.

By the way, we introduce jacket wanting you to wear with spring denim-style

The first is FITZ JKT with a fine houndstooth pattern.

It is a casual double jacket that is smooth and looks plain from a distance and is easy to put on.

And the black blazer FITZ BLEAZER

A navy jacket is good, but black is also good.

Like this styling, it's great to wear it as an all-in-one.

Of course, you can also wear black pants and wear it neatly.

Next is half zip and shaka bread

This half zip also uses high-quality fleece lining.

Also, the small zipper and the narrow V are the points that we are particular about.

This Shakapan is based on US Navy training pants.

It's hard to see, but there is a switch on the side and hem.

I like the matte black with cotton nylon fabric.

The inside has a mesh liner and is comfortable to wear.

Half Zip is also available in Heather Gray White.

This is another good color.

The cute glasses are from Buddy Optical.

The sweat-in style is also cute.

You can see the belt.

It feels like spring is finally starting today, and it's full of new works!

I would be happy if you could get it.

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