Creative Direction

There are a wide variety of things required to run a brand. At CINCH, we offer branding support as one of our businesses. We believe that the true value of creativity is demonstrated only when solving essential problems. We can respond to challenges such as ``I'm currently running a brand, but it's not going well,'' or ``I want to start a brand, but I don't know where to start.'' Because 20 years ago, I started out the same way and faced the same challenges. Our strength is that we are not only a consultant who simply gives advice, but because we are in the same position as not only creative people but also business people, we are able to solve problems in a practical way.

There is only one important thing that we look for in our clients.

Our goal is to be of use to the world through fashion.

The first condition is that we share this aspiration.

An example of creative direction

・Creating frameworks such as concepts

・Development of killer content

・Creation of visual/catalog

・Direction of exhibitions and POU UP STORE

・Store interior coordination

I would be happy if I could help change the world for the better through the power of creativity.

CINCH inc.

Shintaro Someya

Inquiries regarding creative direction

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