2023 FW コレクション 〜新作に込める想い〜

2023 FW Collection ~Thoughts in new works~

When I suddenly feel the calm atmosphere, I am overjoyed, saying, "Ah, spring is almost here." Oblada's spring/summer collection has arrived every week, and the store has become lively.

In the midst of all this, I am holding an exhibition of my next autumn/winter collection this week. From March 18th to 21st, we will be holding an in-store order meeting and an online order meeting, so please look forward to it.

Today, I would like to write about how I came to create such a new work!

Let's go!

first! Since when have you been making the Fall/Winter 23 collection? I think everyone is wondering about this, but since October 2010, I have been thinking about the next autumn and winter and working out various ideas. (At this point, some parts are in parallel with the spring/summer collection)

Since last October, I feel like I've been thinking about this for five months until the announcement.

The theme of this collection is "BROWN & JEANS", and the first color I want to wear is brown. Denim like the picture and brown are the cutest, aren't they?

I wanted to make a lot of brown items, especially tops, so I have a lot of knits, shirts, and cut-and-sew items.

The popular knit, William also comes out in brown and a cardigan using the same yarn will also appear. ↑The photo is wrapped in a cardigan.

William is made in 5 gauge.

The denim is a new high-waisted 1938 that has been replaced with cotton selvedge for a vintage look. This is really cute like old clothes, so I recommend it.

Here is the cardigan I wrapped earlier.

Cardigan's name is Bruce.

The matching pants are also the popular brown officer pants.

I also made the brown fabric for these pants from scratch! Easy-to-use dress pants made of wool and polyester. It's cute when you mix old clothes.

What I'm wearing inside is a check brown postman shirt.

This is also a new high-waisted cut-off denim.

I haven't made a cutoff for a while, but I feel rekindled for the first time in a while. Another thing is that I wanted to add denim that can be worn without hemming to the lineup. It's cute even if you wear it around the ankle like the model in the photo, but it's also cute if you wear it longer, so it's the appearance of denim that most people can wear without cutting the length!

The fabric uses cotton stretch, and it is extremely comfortable to wear, so please don't miss it!

Cut-off denim is also available in black.

This is black denim!

I think this will be a very useful wardrobe, so please!

And this top will also be a new sweatshirt.

Its name is Gandhi sweat!

The design is a hybrid of a vintage-like sweatshirt and a football T, and I really like it!

I also made a plain brown sweatshirt like this!

There is no doubt that you will be active if you have this too!

With this kind of feeling, I introduced the brown item first, but tomorrow I would like to introduce the coats that have been warmed up for a long time.


There are many basic colors that go well with brown!

The new high neck is a 3-gauge knit that uses the same yarn as William.

The name of the high neck knit is Henry!

I also made a shirt because I wanted to propose a style with a high-neck knit and a shirt collar.

Cool black and white!

With this kind of feeling, I will deliver how I am making things tomorrow!

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