2023FW COLLECTION ~新作に込める想いVOL2~

2023FW COLLECTION ~ Thoughts in new work VOL2 ~

Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, we will hold an order meeting for the fall/winter collection at the store and online!

Continuing from the last post, today I will introduce a new collection.

First of all, the popular feather coat!

This is a simple convertible collar coat, but it is a very warm coat with batting inside. The best feature is that the filling is made of 100% silk. A really light and warm coat is realized by silk batting.

The previous release was sold out quickly and there were many requests, so we will continue in the fall and winter, so if you missed it, don't miss this opportunity!

A more detailed story of the feather coat is written in the previous column, so please take a look.

Next is the new coat "Edmond Parka"

⇧The inside is William border knit and tender pants denim. Clarks Wallaby shoes.

I wanted to create a coat that is light, warm, and hard to wear, so I designed it.

The name of this coat is Edmund Parka, but the base of the design is Mountain Parka. I made it in mind to modernize the design of the classic mountain parka with sizing and form.

A classic climber is Edmund Hillary, who first climbed Mount Everest in 1953. Unlike modern high-tech mountain parka, I wanted to make it with a classic design, so I named it after him.

The shell is made of cotton and nylon, and the removable liner is padded (Thinsulate, a high performance padded). The liner can be worn alone, so you can wear it in 3 ways.

The color will be developed in two colors, ivory and black.

⇧The matching items are Alfred shirt brown, William black, and officer's chino. Clarks are private property.

⇧The matching pants are black officer pants.

It's light and warm, and the liner can be removed, so you can wear it with just the shell, so you can use it as a spring coat.

I think many people have military-style outerwear in their wardrobe,

My answer as the NEXT is this Edmond parka!

And this coat I wanted to make even though it's not light!

The name is also called "Alfred coat".

I want to make a cool long coat! This Alfredo coat I started designing with this in mind. I designed it with a nuance between a P coat and a trench coat. Depending on the mood at that time, you can wear it with the button open, fasten it, or tie it with a belt. You can wear it in various ways. If you raise the collar and fasten the chin strap, the atmosphere is the best!

Of course it goes well with denim, and you can also wear it with long boots. This is a wool coat that feels like a coat. Unlike the past few years, next winter will likely bring more opportunities to go out, so how about updating your winter wardrobe? ? ?

The material is super 100 wool fabric and the color is navy.

The cold protection is perfect by sandwiching the thin batting of 60g.

Regarding the size, we recommend S size for 150 cm and M size for 160 cm.

*Regarding care for wool coats

Wool coats need to be brushed. After wearing, align the fur and brush it with an image of lightly dusting. If you brush after applying steam with a steamer, it will be even more refreshing.

We also have dark gray!

⇧The matching item is the new high-waisted cut-off black.

New cap too!

80's Converse is a personal item.

Introducing another Alfred coat.

This is the version that changed the fabric to cotton trench fabric.

This is also the best combination with denim and men's-like pants.

⇧The new color of the officer pants is brown.

It is an atmosphere that can be used both on and off.

And it's already selected and carefully selected, so everything will be recommended.

We designed it with the intention that it will be used in your wardrobe for a long time, so we hope you will take this opportunity to add it to your wardrobe plan!


If you place an order of 50,000 yen or more at this in-store or online order event, you will receive a CINCH drawstring bag special color!

I made it with season theme brown!

This bag is a gift for customers who ordered at the store when the product was handed over. Customers who ordered online will be shipped sequentially from May!

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