Around this time when the cherry blossoms are about to bloom,

Starting today, pre-orders for Oblada's 2024AW COLLECTION will finally begin on the web store.

I have written about why we are so actively pursuing pre-orders in a previous column , so I hope you will also read that.


Now I would like to introduce the main subject, the autumn/winter collection!

Whenever I start creating a collection, I always think about what color would best enrich everyone's wardrobe.

About six months ago, I decided to go with "BLACK" this season.

From these, I collect "black" of various textures and shades.

The first thing I tried was a down jacket.


"We make down jackets that even people who don't usually wear down jackets will want to wear."

This extreme down jacket is Oblada's main outerwear for AW24.

When you put this down jacket on, you'll be surprised at how light it is.

We ourselves would like to have cool, lightweight outerwear that doesn't put strain on the shoulders as part of our urban wardrobe.

After wearing the feather coat that debuted last year for a year, I experienced its lightness and warmth and came to realize even more the importance of being "light."

Down jackets are one of the most difficult items to make.

We started by looking for a production background that would be a partner to work with us.

I consulted with Mr. O, a trusted fabric store in Hiroshima, who I had previously written about in a column about feather coats, saying, "I want to make a down jacket. Do you know anyone who would be able to do it?"

And the new partners he introduced to us were a fantastic team.

They fully understood what we wanted to achieve and even tried methods that had never been tried before.

Although we are not using fabric from a fabric store in Hiroshima, this project was made possible thanks to Mr. O, who genuinely supports Oblada's efforts to create high-quality products.

This is a bit off topic, but I believe that manufacturing can continue to evolve by steadily building these relationships of trust.


Back to the main topic!

With this extreme down jacket, we were conscious of how to make something that is voluminous yet lightweight, and we paid particular attention to everything from the choice of materials to the down ingredients.

First, I looked for a thin nylon fabric made in Japan, which is the best fabric of its kind.

The stretchability of the nylon stretch material is also an essential element for the lightweight feel.

And best of all, the down and feather content is a luxurious ratio of 95% down and 5% feather.

Normally the typical ratio of down to feathers is 80% down and 20% feather, but by changing the ratio to 95:5, we have achieved a lightweight product.

The slightly matte texture of the black nylon material and the shine of the silver nickel Excella zipper give it an elegant look.

We believe that this down jacket will be loved by even those who don't normally wear down jackets, as it is not too casual and has an elegant casual look.

Of course, for those who love down, you will be amazed at how light it is and it will become a staple in your wardrobe.

We paid particular attention to the size and made it one size.

It is designed to be balanced so that anyone between 150cm and 160cm can wear it cutely.

It's a well-balanced look that goes well with any bottoms, so you'll probably find yourself wearing it all the time.

As usual, Oblada items are made with a focus on being made in Japan.

However, the down jacket is made in China.

We believe that for products that have no benefit in being made in Japan, it is important to produce them in a production environment where they can be made better.

When I was looking for a good factory to make down jackets, I came to the conclusion that just because it's made in Japan doesn't necessarily mean it's good; in fact, China may be better.

We use the best quality fabrics and zippers made in Japan.

It is made to a quality that you can wear with confidence.

It's a down jacket that I can wholeheartedly recommend!

I would be happy if you would add this to your wardrobe!

We will be uploading recommended items one after another!

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