Summer is almost here!

Fashion is also an important element when it comes to how to enjoy the sun season!

Today we would like to introduce you to the OBLADA COLLEGE LOGO series, which will be on sale from Friday, June 30th this weekend.

First, we'll introduce you to sweat shorts made from Los Angeles Apparel's body.

First, I will tell you why I use Los Angeles Apparel's body!

This is because it is made of thick fabric and made in the USA (made in Los Angeles).

The American-made horse mackerel atmosphere is irresistible. We imported the body from Los Angeles and printed the OBLADA college logo on it!

We took a lot of time to design the college logo because it is so commonplace.

To determine the size of the graphics, we print them out on paper and simulate several patterns.

↑In the simulation, it is CINCH, but the product has been changed to 2022. There are things that you will notice only by experimenting by changing the size in 5mm increments and actually trying out various things.

The shorts are available in three colors: white, gray, and navy.

Ralph shirt is useful for styling.

We carefully select those that are of good quality!

For this occasion, we will have about 130 new items in stock from America! So please check this out as well.

As a small custom item, I added one belt loop as shown in the photo.

Fluorescent orange nylon belt loop.

I've always thought it would be nice to have one when I wear sweatpants or shorts, so I decided to try it on. I think it's convenient because you can hang your keys on it.

I think size S is perfect for shorts for people between 150cm and 160cm. I think M is fine if you want to wear it loosely.

Next up is the T-shirt!

The T-shirts are also available in three colors: navy, white, and gray.

It would also be cute to wear inside a cardigan in the fall and winter.

It looks like a set with a gray blue cardigan and gray flannel officer pants that will arrive in the fall/winter.

We also have LosApa sweatpants.

Like this, it would be cute to pair with knitwear in the fall and winter.

The matching knit is William Border, which will be in stock in the fall and winter.

Sneakers are LAST RESORT AB

Pair it with a refreshing shirt.

Paired with a classic postman shirt.

I think it would be cool to pair it with navy blue sweatpants.

The size of the sweatpants is

I think XS will fit perfectly for people between 150cm and 160cm.

S size is a little roomy.

M size is also suitable for men.

The last thing we will introduce is the bucket hat.

This is scheduled for early July.

It's great for blocking the summer sun.

Available in 3 colors: blue, white, and navy.

College logo series! I would be happy if you could incorporate it into your wardrobe!


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