From LA 古着の買い付け秘話

From LA Second-hand clothes buying secret story

Around this time, the rainy season is likely to come early.

How are you all doing?

CINCH's spring was busy and fulfilling.

Vintage Buying to Los Angeles in March

New denim brand "Oblada" unveiling exhibition in April

Pop-up store in May

Many people came to the exhibition and pop-up, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you!

Today I would like to write about shopping in Los Angeles!!

Los Angeles in March was very pleasant and refreshing.

If you don't rent a car when you first arrive, it won't matter, so I'll rent a car.

What surprised me this time was the price. It's probably double what it used to be.

I rented a Volkswagen 4WD. I wanted to have a minivan that can carry a lot of luggage, but I couldn't rent one due to shortages, so I borrowed the car in the photo.

This Volkswagen was a car that I had never seen in Japan, probably for North America. Being able to ride in such a car is one of the real pleasures of a business trip.

Speaking of cars, Tesla is the most commonly seen in Los Angeles.

I had a friend put it in the passenger seat of a Tesla that he recently purchased, and it was a different dimension of speed.

It's packed with useful features and doesn't cost much on fuel.

With gas prices so high these days, electric cars look dazzling.

Well, the chase!

This time, I focused only on purchasing, so I spent the days at the hotel, purchasing, preparing for shipping, and staying at the hotel.

I go to the flea market before dawn and look for bargains and miscellaneous goods.

A stylish man I saw at the Rose Ball.

In Los Angeles, the number of fashionable people with such simple parenthesis has increased.

Los Angeles is rapidly becoming more sophisticated.

Originally, I like New York so much that I want to live there.

I like Los Angeles just as much.

People often tell me that buying second-hand clothes sounds like fun.

Honestly, it's a lot of fun. It's fun and I don't think you can do it if you don't like it.

When I'm choosing a T-shirt, I'm absorbed in it, as if I'm playing sports.

I like the feeling of treasure hunting to see what kind of items I can find.

Such purchases proceeded smoothly, and the packing work was furious.

(This packing can be difficult.)

This time it was 10 packing!

Before the flight back home, I need to make a packing list, so I also work on the computer.

I'll do it in a nice cafe or something.

Once the package arrives in Japan, it will be carefully cleaned and maintained.

I am confident in the good condition!

I had a little time this time, so I had a meal with my friend just before going home after finishing the purchase safely.

Greek food here! ? is the most delicious, so if you go to Los Angeles, please do.

The shop is called MIZ LA LA.

It was a short but fulfilling shopping trip.

Such old clothes will be on sale at the online store from Saturday, May 14th.

I'm going to upload it little by little, so please look forward to it.

We will give you a sticker if you ask for it!

Please take a look!

While writing the manuscript, I was itching to go to the next purchase as soon as possible.

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