It's already August and the days are getting hot every day, but I hope you're all doing well.

These days, I tend to lose touch with the season, as I recommend my fall wardrobe while planning next spring's designs.

That's why it's important to fully experience the four seasons.

The other day, when I visited a business partner in Shiga, I stopped at "Taneya" in Omihachimanaka on my way home.

I had shaved ice for the first time this year.

It became one of my best summer memories.

Nowadays, I want to do more summer-like things.

Well, today we will be introducing a new product!

Introducing Military Henry!

This military henry was originally made from fabric.

A henley neck with an attractive vintage look.

The white color has a softer feel than ivory.

It can be worn alone or as an inner layer for a jacket.

It is packed with subtle touches such as the knitted ribs on the cuffs.

Please try incorporating it into your autumn wardrobe!

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