About Oblada

What is the name of your new denim brand?

It's called Oblada

Named after the Beatles song Obladi Oblada.

Many people know it, and I'm sure many of you have heard that cheerful melody somewhere.

The lyrics that sing about everyday life are somehow good, and I wanted to make clothes that make everyday life fun, so I named it.

Let's make denim that fits your everyday life!

We are making while sharing such thoughts with factories and fabric stores.

It is an image that everyone exchanges opinions about textures and designs and makes them together.

There are large knots and we use fabrics that have a good peculiarity, so we are making things that are not suitable for mass production.

But in my eyes, such fabrics are very attractive.

The denim in the photo is Oblada's representative jeans with a cinch buckle. It was well received at the exhibition when the style looked good.

Detail is important, but the silhouette is also important.

Oblada jeans are expected to go on sale around August.

Before that, we are planning to hold an order meeting, so I hope everyone will take the opportunity to see it.

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