Oblada 2024 Spring 「CONNECT THE SEASONS」

Oblada 2024 Spring “CONNECT THE SEASONS”

Oblada's 2024 Spring Exhibition will start from September 12th this week!

This season's theme is "CONNECT THE SEASONS"

Under the title Connect the Season, I would like to propose a wardrobe that seamlessly connects the seasons.

This is a new product that will be delivered from December to February, and even though this is the new year, it's actually extremely cold. That's why this season's theme is to create styling that fits the season even though it's a fresh item.

Well then, let's get to the first one!

A leather blouson that I've always wanted to make.

Its name is Feather Aviator.

A light and warm leather blouson.

I've always wanted to make a leather blouson, but the weight makes my shoulders stiff, so

It was created with the concept of ``light, high quality, and warm''.

My interpretation of the military A-2, updated to a modern form.

Made from high-quality jumbo sheep, this leather is chewy and soft. By adding thin padding to it, we were able to create a light and warm leather blouson.

With this leather blouson, you can wrap it around a scarf or stole and spend the cold season.

You can wear it over sweats or T-shirts and use it until early spring.

Feather aviator! , another new outerwear has been added to Oblada.

Of course, it goes well with denim as well.

And the sweatshirt worn inside has an Einstein print. This T-shirt is also cute, so please look forward to it.

New skirt too! Its name is also called officer skirt.

This skirt uses the details and fabric of popular officer pants.

This elegant skirt goes well with sweats and T-shirts.

Of course pearls go well with knit!

The key point is that the lining is peeked out from the hem of the skirt.

Stay tuned for cute sneakers on your feet!

I will introduce them one by one like this!

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