Today I would like to write about Oblada's manufacturing!

HEMP DENIM is Oblada's representative denim material.

The creation of this denim fabric dates back to the fall of 2021. I would like to create a new denim brand and introduce Japanese jeans to the world. And at the root of it is the desire to contribute to Japan's production background, even if it's just a small amount.

The concept of Oblada is "POST HERITAGE Create a future vintage!"

Making denim that will not fade even in the future.

It's vintage-like, yet has a fresh look and is environmentally friendly.

I wanted to be that kind of brand.

Among them, HEMP DENIM was able to satisfy the three elements of "denim with a vintage feel, a fresh expression, and being very environmentally friendly".

Why HEMP is environmentally friendly.

Hemp has linen, ramie, and hemp. Among them, hemp is an ideal material to make denim.


“It grows fast and does not require pesticides.”

"Grows even in rough soil and improves the soil."

"Grows with little water"

"You can get a lot from a small field"

It is much more environmentally friendly than growing cotton.

Denim has warp and weft threads.

The warp of HEMP DENIM is cotton and the weft is hemp. The hemp content is 36% hemp and 64% cotton due to the distribution of comfort.

The warp cotton is also Oblada's original blue color.

Advantages of HEMP materials

Cool in summer and warm in winter, all-season material.

Easy to absorb sweat and easy to dry.

It has a deodorizing effect.

Four times more durable than cotton.

The disadvantage is that it wrinkles easily, but I don't think it's a problem because denim gives a very nice atmosphere.

There are many knots and unevenness in the fabric itself, but we take this positively as a feature of this fabric.

HEMP DENIM was created by the passion of fabric stores and factories.

When I was aiming for a vintage-like texture, I ended up with a super sustainable material.

I would like to recommend this HEMP DENIM series representing Oblada with confidence! I would be happy if you could add it to your wardrobe.

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