Oblada NEW HEMP DENIM〜ヘンプデニムの新色が登場!します〜

Oblada NEW HEMP DENIM ~ New colors of hemp denim are here! To do~

This time of year when the green young leaves are beautiful.

There aren't many times in the year when it feels so good.

The luxury of a day like this is to go to the park with a good iced coffee and a paperback book and sit on a bench and relax. The best thing is to take a nap from the moment you try to read the paperback book you brought.

I like the style of washed chinos and a washed shirt.

I'd like to feel like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill.

As an aside, I was living in London in 1999 when this movie was released.

I sometimes remember seeing this movie as a memory of London. London has many parks and lots of greenery in the city, so I often bought sandwiches, potato chips and tea and ate them on the park benches. Needless to say, I often skipped college classes by taking a good nap.

I think that luxury for me is this way of spending time in a park and a bench. Tomorrow, I think I'll make a simple sandwich with ham and cheese and go to Komazawa Park or Kinuta Park.


It seems that the story is going in a direction that has nothing to do with hemp denim, so I will return the rudder!

There is Yoyogi Park near CINCH STORE, so please come and visit us while taking a walk.

By the way, ivory and black will appear in new colors of hemp denim, which is the representative material of Oblada jeans.

It's called hemp denim, but how hard did the fabric store work to procure this hemp thread?

Without the passion of the fabric store, this bulky hemp cannot be arranged.

In other words, this is super special!

I don't talk much about it because it's unfashionable to say how amazing it is, but I don't think it's easy to make the same fabric as us.

A little bit about hemp

Hemp grows faster than cotton, requires less water, and is an excellent fiber that improves the soil of rough land. It is a fiber that has been cherished in Japan since ancient times because of its strong, cool and warm properties.

I wanted to create a vintage-like texture, so I came up with hemp, so I also like that it turned out to be a very sustainable fabric.

New ivory and black will be released on May 5th in blue denim of such hemp denim.

All-in-one, skirt, and coveralls will be released tomorrow.

By the way 1938 black

This is already on sale

The cinch buckle at the waist is an accent.

1938 in ivory

It's a very good color, like an ivory like an indescribable elegant graige.

The all-in-one is a white Postman shirt and a black Fitz blazer.

These overalls have a loose fit, so we recommend the XS size for those over 150cm, the S size for those over 160cm, and the M size for those who want to wear a baggy bag.

The model is wearing M size.

Since it is one wash, there is no need to worry about shrinking any more.

And I think it's the best this time of year because it's gentle on the skin.

The black leather patch on the back is also a good accent.

The coveralls are also finished in a very elegant atmosphere.

The size is large, so if you are 150 cm, we recommend the XS size, and if you are over 160 cm, we recommend the S size. (Model is M size)

As for the skirt, if you are around 150cm, we recommend the XS size, and if you are around 160cm, we recommend the S size.

Please try it at the store.

And the web store is currently holding a campaign for free returns and exchanges, so please feel free to try it.

Well, tonight, I'm going to watch "Notting Hill Lovers" for the first time in a while while drinking wine, and tomorrow I'll make a ham and cheese sandwich and go to the park.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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