The hot days continue, but how are you doing?

On hot days, I want to eat hot and spicy food.

My recommendation is this menu called ``spicy beef soup.''

This is a Chinese restaurant located along Meguro Street.

My only flaw is that the name is difficult and I can't remember it, but I go there often.

Everyone, please build up your stamina and survive the hot summer!

Well, the introduction is long, but let's get started!

Please try these officer pants!

Among Oblada's pants, OFFICER PANTS are the most popular seasonless pants.

Made of 51% WOOL and 49% POLYESTER material.

We use this material to create a military uniform-like texture.

It is wrinkle-resistant, has the elegance of wool, and has a unique texture that makes it easy to match with old clothes.

This fabric requires more steps and takes more time to make than 100% wool fabric.

I'm secretly thinking about making officer pants for men as well.

Brown is now available as a new color for officer pants this season!

I really like the brown color, which is a dark brown that was originally created.

Officer pants are made with a hem width that matches sneakers, so I think they are popular as dress pants that can be worn every day.

The waist is tailored with a marbelt and has the specifications of authentic men's dress pants.

Dress pants are classy but can also be worn casually.

If you haven't yet, you should definitely try these officer pants on.

And this Garrison belt is also a hit item from Oblada.

This belt is made of moist and thick cowhide, and the more you use it, the more it will look. There are 35mm and 30mm buckles, and a gold buckle will also be available from this time.

Pants and belts are available in a wide variety of sizes, so don't miss this opportunity to get them.

Summer is about to start, and the fall/winter collections are all over the place these days.

The CINCH STORE near Yoyogi-Hachiman Station and the WEB STORE are constantly receiving new items, so please stop by!

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