Now that autumn is deepening, it's the arrival of the fashionable season!

The pants we are introducing this time are also fun to style.

Please read it!

Among Oblada's first collection, TENDER PANTS is one of the pants that are highly designed and fun to wear.

TENDER means soft.

That's right! This denim uses a fabric that is characterized by being soft.

There's a reason we use soft denim.

These pants have a large waist and are designed so that you can adjust the size by folding them with tabs. We use soft and supple denim so that it doesn't get stiff when you fold the waist with a tab.

In terms of image, it feels like I'm wearing a very large size denim tightly. The waist size can be adjusted with a tab, so I think it has a wide range of styling.

The overall silhouette is loose and straight as shown in the photo below.

As for the size, I think it would be better to choose the inseam as it can be adjusted at the waist.

S size for height 150cm~160cm

If you are taller than 161cm, we recommend M size ~.

I think it's cute even if you wear it with a little cushion at the hem.

If you have one in your wardrobe, these pants will come in handy, so please try them out!

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