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【Oblada】1938 VINTAGE

【Oblada】1938 VINTAGE

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The popular 1938 VINTAGE, made from 100% cotton selvedge denim fabric, is back in stock!

This is off topic, but 20 years ago when I wanted to make jeans, I had a hard time making something that looked good and I failed many times.
Now that I think about it, I think it's because we couldn't find harmony in fabric selection, design, sewing, and processing. However, as I've been doing this for over 20 years, there are people who have solidified my side and helped give shape to what I want to create.
When I saw this 1938 VINTAGE, I felt that it really looked like old clothing, and I felt grateful for the environment in which this denim was made.

Well, the difference between the 1938 VINTAGE and the 1938 hemp denim is in the length (inseam).
Since it is USED processed, the fit of the hem is the key, so I made the inseam a little shorter so that I can wear it without having to shorten it as much as possible. I think it would be cute to wear it like the model in the photo or roll it up a little.

This denim fabric remains woven and unprocessed. Therefore, the side line below the knee is twisted, but this was intentionally designed with vintage denim in mind.

Rest assured that there will be no further shrinkage as it has been thoroughly washed.

By Shintaro Someya

(CM) Waist / Hips / Inseam / Rise / Watari (half body)


Model height 178cm 25size





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