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The design of the Alfred Shirt, a new shirt, began with the idea, ``I wanted to create a new roll-neck knit shirt that would allow Henry to peek out from the collar!''
Such a plain regular collar shirt.

We believe that materials and stitching are important because of the simple design. We use high-quality materials and sew with a more powerful sewing machine rather than a shirt shop's sewing machine to create a unique texture. That's why when you look at it at first glance, I think it has the feel of a vintage shirt.
Since it is washed once after being sewn, the wrinkles caused by the stitching give it a great look. This is proof that each stitch has been carefully sewn with great care. I feel like I've gotten closer to the idea that I've always wanted to make a shirt like this.

The material is also of excellent quality, so it gives off an aura even when worn alone!
I think this is a shirt that will be useful throughout the year, so be sure to add it to your wardrobe!

*About shirt care

Shirts tend to get dirty around the collar and cuffs. To keep it clean, wash items that have been used for a day immediately. Wash it immediately instead of leaving it on for several days! This is important.
Another thing is that I find ironing to be a pain, so if that's the case, just iron this part. ``The collar, front, and cuffs'' will look crisp if these are the only areas that are properly ironed.

In fact, it has a well-washed atmosphere, and if you only iron the important parts, you're an expert.

That's what an Italian shirt shop told me a long time ago!

By Shintaro Someya

(CM) Bust / Shoulder width / Length (front) / Length (back) / Sleeve length / Sleeve width
FREE 135/52/76/84/93.5/27.5

Model height 178cm




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