CINCH inc.

"People fall in love with clothes"

This time, CINCH Co., Ltd.
was established.

CINCH means "certain thing".

yes! We promise to deliver only the "certain things" that we believe in.

We believe in the power of fashion.

Our goal is to deliver fashion that enriches even the most casual daily routines.
I'm thinking only about this.

A piece of clothing can brighten your tomorrow.
That's why people fall in love with clothes .

There are so many special days in your life.

That's why we value fashion that enriches everyday life.

CINCH inc.
Founder/Creative Director
Shintaro Someya

Shintaro Someya
Founder/Creative Director

Born in 1980.
After studying abroad in London, he established Shinzone Co., Ltd. in 2001 at the age of 20.
As the founder of the select shop ``Shinzone,'' whose concept is ``elegant casual that goes well with denim,'' he maintains a basic style that is constantly updated, and is a leader in modern women's fashion with a sharp perspective unique to men.

In 2021, CINCH Co., Ltd. was established.
Based on the idea of ​​``delivering only what we believe in for sure,'' we work in a wide range of fields, from concept development to consulting, as a brand strategy and total producer.